The # 1 online social media strategy + business program for Christian CEO's and business owners wanting income, influence and impact for Jesus without sacrificing their faith or family!

Any of these sound like YOU?

  • The Christian CEO or business owner wearing 13 hats saying, "I don't know what I don't know" when it comes to social media marketing and you can't figure out a strategy that works
  • ​​The Service-Based Business Owner that has an excellent service that needs to get out to more dream customers so you can increase your revenue and allow your social media strategy to align with your expertise.
  • The online brand or local business  that is tired of feeling overwhelmed by social media, wondering what to post, wishing that social media wasn't a huge TIME SUCK and know you need more VISIBILITY
  • A driven leader in a high level marketing role that finds themselves responsible for the social media marketing and needing strategy + implmentation support
We get it...

You're ready to scale.

You want more clients.

You want to make more impact for Jesus with your God-given gifts.

But you feel stuck because you need strategy that will get traction on social media.

We're here to shorten your learning curve, save you hours of time and help you 
THRIVE in your business with 1:1 coaching, accountability, mentoring and the 
training you need.

There's nothing else like it! 

We personally invite you inside of..
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Marketing is important to your business and organization growth...


But listen......You have a business and know social media marketing can work.

But trying to figure out #allthethings is frustrating and feels like a HUGE time waste most days.

Your expertise is doing YOUR BUSINESS. 

Overwhelmed? Confused? Not sure where you should be on social media or realize it has been awhile since you last posted? 

Social Thrive Business Academy is here to help! You aren't alone. We understand.
The framework that works with social media strategy.  The results you want.

All from a Christian worldview.
Your 12-month experience in Social Thrive Business Academy INCLUDES such value:

 ✔️ 1:1 Monthly Mentorship and Coaching with Heather Heuman Through the Entire 12-Months: (value $7,500) You get direct access to me, Heather Heuman with 30 minute accountability calls as we give you business and social media marketing expertise from a Christian worldview through coaching and mentoring.  

✔️ 12-Months of Bi-Monthly Group Coaching & Mentoring Calls: (value $5,000)  - No longer do you need to worry about getting answers to your specific situation.  You can consistently ask Heather and Team Social Thrive your direct questions during the scheduled monthly calls and get the feedback you need. Can't attend LIVE? Simply submit your questions and get your questions STILL answered. Being stuck and staying stuck are no longer an issue. Heather's got you!  

 ✔️ Exclusive S.O.C.I.A.L. Framework Blueprint Curriculum: ($6,500)  -The S.O.C.I.A.L. framework is Heather's proven system to grow your business using social media the right way to scale your business in income, influence and kingdom impact. You'll be able to have an efficient social media strategy developed with excellence in your business with a plan to accomplish business goals with a Christian worldview focus. You have 24/7 access.

 ✔️ Access to Social Thrive Exclusive Facebook Community: (value $2,500) Participate in our business and leadership community and build partnerships, referral connections and friendships with fellow Christian CEO's and business owners. Additionally, post your questions and wins (#stwin) between our coaching calls for support from our entire team and your other Social Thrive colleagues.

 ✔️ Tutorials in 10 Minutes & Templates:  -  You are busy. Your team is busy. But you need help ASAP. We hear you loud and clear.  That's why we make it an intentional focus to continually take complex trainings and topics and break them down into quick, simple trainings inside of our Tutorial in 10 Minutes. Some examples include 'How to Use the Free Facebook Scheduling Tool', 'Best Practices for Facebook', etc.. These will be SHORT (10 minutes or less) topical trainings to give you easy to implement tasks that can keep you growing in your knowledge and skillset in business with your social media marketing efforts. You won't need 2 hours to sit down and learn. If you have 10 minutes, we'll get your a new skill so you can implement immediately. These checklists, cheat-sheets, swipe files and more to make your life EASIER with social media marketing.
 ✔️ New Trainings Added Each Month on Current Social Media/Business Topics:  -  As you begin going through our content and trainings, we rise to the occassion and are consistently  bringing you the answers to your exact questions.  Gone are the days of you needing to watch HOURS of video on YouTube to figure out 'best' next steps. Some examples we have ready and waiting for you include: Instagram Masterclass, LinkedIn Masterclass, The Blueprint to Using Social Media to Grow Your Business, Social Media Strategy 101, Getting Started with E-mail Marketing, etc.. Social Media Basics on Primary Platforms of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter so you can produce engagement, brand awareness, content creation and smart social media strategies. We're continually developing NEW trainings based on the needs of our members!

✔️ Monthly Office Hours: (value $1,500)  - We have office hours so you can pop in to ask your questions, get the support, and go about your day.  Or you are welcome to stay and listen to others.

 ✔️ Guest Experts: - How to Network Like a Boss on Social Media, etc... Key areas that you need to be using in your business such as e-mail marketing, lead generation, and what YOU want to learn about to grow your business!

✔️ Kingdom Impact: - Every Social Thrive registrant results into our commitment to donating to support foster care families and adoption options for those wanting to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  Your registering also contributes to our organizational goal of fighting to end human trafficking.


✔️ BONUS # 1) 1 person on your team that gets FULL access to Social Thrive Business Academy. They can even attend coaching calls, mentoring calls on your behalf (value $23,000)

You can join today with an investment of just $600 TODAY!

      You know social media is a way for your business to grow, but you know you need help.  

      And you want Jesus to continue to be the CEO of your business!
      In my own journey to build my business, I craved great strategy and business development from leaders living their Christian faith out loud. I'd find myself at conferences in the midst of smart and knowledgeable people, yet be in a worldly culture, hear profanity from speakers on stage and was feeling a huge void in what was being taught and how the business community was somehow leaving biblical values out altogether.
      And if you’re anything like me, that doesn't settle well with you. We don't have to leave our faith at the door when we run our businesses.
      Nor should we.
      Here's why: no amount of marketing strategy can make up for a lack of trusting God and leaning into Him as the strength in our life.  
      And this includes your business too. 
      God wants to help in all areas of your life -- including how you run your business.
      This is not a course. Let me say that again...This is NOT a course.
      This is an immersive learning experience where you get the high-level strategy you need with all the time and space you need to implement.
      You’ll have a community surrounding you with experts in your back pocket whenever you need us (not a bunch of videos and worksheets that leave you all confused!)
      We break down social media marketing into 6 parts - The exact S.O.C.I.A.L. Framework that I've used to build 2 six-figure businesses and to help thousands of business owners and brands.
      I am a simple girl, and I like to keep things simple.
      Social Thrive Business Academy is a community where you can feel heard, be encouraged, and receive support.
      You may think all you need are more followers, but what you really need is to follow the One who can multiply your business for you in ways that your mental math can't even comprehend.
      My ultimate goal is to be a digital missionary and equip you to be a Christian business CEO enjoying your family while excelling in your ability to earn and profit leveraging social media marketing.
      More profits mean that you have more resources, which you can give more generously and make a bigger legacy kingdom impact.

      Here are more client WINS!

      • "I have doubled my sales every month since opening my own boutique! The sky is the limit and I have no intention of slowing down! My online sales are phenomenal and we are heading into the best retail selling season of the year!" - (Maria Himes)
      • "Went from ‘having no idea’ how to use social media to finding the right platform that is where she needs to be and knowing how to use Facebook to grow her business in 2 months" - (Sara Beay)
      • "Learned strategies in Social Thrive about Facebook that I haven't seen anywhere else." - (Bess Blanco)
      • "293% increased engagement on Facebook" - (Mary Lu Saylor)
      • "I am ecstatic! I earned $41 from Amazon! This is the girl who never earns hardly anything from blogging!" - (Judith Kowles)
      • "I'm 1 show away from meeting my goal for setting up Pampered Chef shows this month!!!! I've gone from dying to thriving. I'm soooo excited!" - (Allenna Davey)
      00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

      We're ready to welcome you into our 
      12-month program of Social Thrive.


      Select Your Plan


      ✔️ BONUS # 1) 1 person on your team that gets FULL access to Social Thrive Business Academy. They can even attend coaching calls, mentoring calls on your behalf (value $23,000)

      You can also pay in full and save $2,200
      Our monthly payment
      plan is available
      Social Media success does not happen over night.

      It is your responsibility to build relationships and keep your business or non-profit 
      'Top of Mind'

      Do you believe social media can help your business but you feel you don't have the time to figure it all out on your own? Being consistent can feel overwhelming and you aren't really sure what you should be posting (and when) or where?
      • SUCCESS FRAMEWORK: My exclusive S.O.C.I.A.L. framework will take you through the process you need to thrive. You'll learn the 6 stages you need to maximize social media to get the results and profits in your business
      • ​​ACCOUNTABILITY: This is about you having direct 1:1 support from Heather and Team Social Thrive as well as group opportunities to grow your business and have someone there to help hold you accountable as you take action
      • THE HOW AND THE WHY: Not only will you learn the strategies that are working now on social media but you'll be able to know what to do to get your community talking and engaging with your business
      • SHORTEN YOUR LEARNING CURVE: You'll save hours of your life because you won't be learning "all the things" but instead you'll just focus on exactly the information you need
      • AMPLIFY YOUR BUSINESS: Leverage your current business and amplify your message with social media to grow your audience and increase your business
      • AVOID OVERWHELM: Get systems and processes in place so you can save hours of your time and STILL benefit from using social media marketing for your business
      Social Thrive Business Academy is for you if.....

      > You need help with figuring out how to use social media for your business or non-profit

      > You want to become a business owner that uses social media strategies in a way that gets you more brand awareness, more engagement and more leads for business in your service or product-based business (this month I did $16,0936 in client work, speaking and consulting and group coaching)

      > You (or your assistant or team) over your social media need a go-to resource to continue to keep up with latest changes in social media

      > You feel social media takes a lot of your time, you aren't sure what to post and you aren't sure what you should be doing with social media to grow your business -----and you may not even know which social platform is best - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc....

      > You are tired of all the experts, all the confusion and frustration. You want easy to follow, simple instructions so you can grow  - I've grown two businesses using social media and helped dozens of businesses, brands, churches and entrepreneurs)

      1:1 Coaching/Mentoring + Success Path + Christian Community + Accountability + Training =

      Social Thrive Business Academy

      I get it.

      There are so many people trying to get your attention.

      Wanting to have you 'listen' to them.

      Being a business owner (and HUGE fan of sweet tea) I know exactly what it is like to need to grow a business and the desire to want to find someone that you connect with and want to learn from (and trust).

      Being a speaker, consultant and social media strategist for businesses, brands and leaders, I can tell you that I love what I do and I'm excited for you to join Social Thrive Business Academy!

      I feel really good about the superb value that I'm offering you with tools, my expertise, resources and a fully mapped out path to success…
        Business owners and leaders that are Christians have the ability to spread the message of Jesus by growing their business. Social media can be a big part of that.

        And if you're a brand, business owner or entrepreneur looking to get smarter with your social media marketing, you are really on the right track because...

        You know that marketing and understanding why and how to market online is the best way to grow a business.

        Hey ya'll, I'm Heather Heuman, I'm a digital missionary and I am so excited to HELP YOU grow your business.

        In case we're new to one another, here's a photo of my sweet family in our home in South Carolina. I'm also a quirky Jesus girl that is on a mission to help Christian business owners grow and plant seeds for others to come to know Jesus too! And I am confident that your business + social media marketing strategies is exactly how I can help you do exactly that.

        I've seen first hand how social media marketing has helped me grow 2 businesses of my own to 6-figures and I've helped my clients get great results too.

        And now I'm inviting you to let me help you use the power of SMART social media strategy for your marketing efforts so you can make a bigger KINGDOM impact!

        TRUTH # 1
        Social media done well can grow your business.​
        TRUTH # 2
        ​I can help you.​ This is NOT a course. 
        This is you making an investment in YOUR business 
        and joining a community of like-minded Christian Business Leaders!
        TRUTH # 3
        Kingdom-minded driven and motivated people that are willing to show-up and invest in themselves will be a great fit​. If you don't love Jesus, the content is 100% still on point to help you grow, but we unashamedly shine our love for Jesus in this membership and love to pray for one another and lean to Christ as our ultimate provider.
        All the trainings are EASILY at your fingertips right inside the exclusive 
        Social Thrive Business Academy Facebook Group accessible on any device (desktop, laptop, mobile, Ipad, etc..)
        I have a formal education. A bachelor's degree in special education and a Master of Arts in Management and Leadership.

        I have worked with 3 Chick-fil-A restaurants and their social media marketing and I have also been in your position, growing my own business.

        I have worked in digital marketing since 2000 and my background in web design, graphic design, sales, leadershp and social media allow me to help you see the BIG picture in growing your business online.

        I'm a wife that was just interested in adding some extra income to our family budget.
        I've also started two businesses from ground zero using social media marketing to both be 6 figure businesses.

        I've used social media to build a business in a small town of 30,000 people.

        I've used social media to build a global brand.

        And I have had the pleasure of staying true to my Christian values along the way and am excited to take my  21 years experience in marketing, sales, leadership and social media and help you.

        You get my time. You get my expertise.


        ✔️ BONUS # 1) 1 person on your team that gets FULL access to Social Thrive Business Academy. They can even attend coaching calls, mentoring calls on your behalf (value $23,000)

        00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

        Join Social Thrive Business Academy Today

        Helping Christian Business Owners Grow with Social Media Marketing and Business While you Make a Legacy Impact with your God-Given Gifts and Talents.

        We offer a 100% money back guarantee within your first 30 days of joining when you show up 
        for all of our monthly calls if you are not satisfied.

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